The NEUCA for Health Foundation was established in 2013. The Foundation activities ensure that NEUCA fulfils its social mission, understood as development of the health culture, even better. The main objective we have established for ourselves in accordance with the National Health Program is to pursue improvement in society health and associated quality of life.

The Foundation supports development of pharmaceutical and health care by assisting Polish pharmacists. It strives to increase availability of specialist medical and pharmaceutical care. Other objectives include education and increase in social awareness concerning the most commonly diagnosed diseases. It also helps in improving access to the therapy. The Foundation pursues its objectives in cooperation with other institutions and organisations operating in the health care sector.

The NEUCA for Health Foundation opens new perspective for NEUCA pro-social activities.

DROGA is close to people it supports, bringing hope to their lives and an opportunity to start again. 
The Society implements many projects for adults and children alike, who are poor, homeless, at risk of social exclusion, rejected, or substance abusers. However, it does not just give material support, but it works on making people believe that they can cope with things on their own, by taking their fate in their hands. We understand charity mainly as a teaching people how to cope on their own. Instead of giving someone a fish, we teach them fishing and give them fishing rod. This is a real help, and the Society spreads this type of help.
DROGA mission
Unveiling the beauty of people and waking them up!
The specific tasks of the Family Support Society DROGA include:

  • organising assistance, care and support for children and youth from families that are poor, dysfunctional, large and at risk of social pathology;
  • organising care and education activities for children deprived of family care;
  • initiating and developing forms of assistance to people in need and their families;
  • organising summer camps for children from poorest families in Białystok and areas of former PGRs in Podlaskie Voivodeship;
  • organising charity actions for poor children and their families;
  • working with children from families not able to provide adequate care or dysfunctional from the city of Białystok at the Social Family House “Nasz Dom”, by providing day and 24/7 care (in emergency situations);
  • social work with street children, and youth from risk groups at the Intervention and Counselling Point;
  • helping youth from risk groups, experimenting with and addicted to psychoactive substances, computer, internet, and/or gambling, as well as with their parents at NZOZ Youth Therapy and Readaptation Centre “ETAP”.


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